Saturday, April 12, 2014

An Introduction

April 12, 2014

Hi friends!

As I enjoy the last few days of Spring Break, I would like to take a few moments to introduce myself and share some tidbits about my life, my teaching background, and my goals.

I live in sunny Southern California with my family, my toothless dog, my tailless cat, and my American Bull Dog puppy that is currently my favorite thing on the planet.  I am sure she will make it into many a blog post story.  I have taught at the same school since 2000, with thirteen of those years spent in fourth grade.  Last year, I did some soul searching and lots of reflection, and decided it was time for a change.  I asked to transition to first grade, and here I am today, the teacher of 31 bright, funny, caring, insightful, and energetic six and seven year olds.  I have a wonderful new team, and still get to visit with my old teammates each day. 

When I am not working, I am constantly seeking out new knowledge, adventures, and creative outlets.  Last summer, I discovered river rafting.  Hello?  Where has that been all my life?  This summer, we are headed to Hawaii, and zip lining is on the itinerary for sure!  I love reading.  That is an understatement.  Reading is such a crucial, vital, living part of my world.  Many of my memories are associated with what book I was reading at the time the memory was made.  When my son was born, I was reading A Hundred Years of Solitude in the hospital!  I also have a passion for making quilts.  I love art and creativity and quilting is a necessary outlet for me.

Fun Facts about Me

-I can’t stand any type of melon, but I make myself try them every summer, just in case.

-I really struggle with exercise and drinking water.  My esthetician told me I wasn’t making water-drinking fun enough.  Seriously?

-I am a chronic binge T.V. series watcher.

-When I travel, I have to start the trip with a newly purchased, unopened toothbrush.  Bringing the one from home grosses me out.

-I am an only child.

-I want to go to Italy and France and see all the cathedrals.

-I need to shed some pounds.  Again. Sigh…

Goals for the Blog

I love writing and I also love teaching, so blogging is a natural marriage of the two.  I am throwing my hat into the blogging ring to share strategies that have worked for me, to communicate insights I have had that may resonate with others, and to reach out and seek the friendship of my fellow teachers world wide.  I am starting to develop products for Teachers Pay Teachers in hopes of being helpful to others in my field.  I also plan on discussing books related to education.  Hopefully, my summaries and commentaries will pique your interest in an education-based topic. The Read Aloud Handbook is first up on the docket.

Thanks for popping in.  I am off to figure out how to participate in linkies and all that bloggy stuff!



  1. Erin,
    What a great intro! Italy and France are on my list of must sees as well as the castles in Ireland. Your enthusiasm for teaching resonates from your blog. Post a book list of must reads.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hey Melanie,

      I read your comment via e-mail, so not sure why it got deleted :)

  3. Your blog is so cute! It looks like you are new to blogging and I am very jealous! I started three weeks ago and I am getting discouraged by looking at all of the cool clip art and formats. I am hoping to devote some time this summer to making my blog better.

    1. Sharon,

      I totally feel the same way you do! Everyone I have talked to has said to just jump into it. We will learn as we go! I will head on over to your blog and follow you. I taught 4th grade forever, so it will be nice to see what the older kids are doing :)